Editor’s Letter

It’s getting hot in here! Bring on the BBQ! Summer is not my favorite season, honestly. I have had this lifelong love and hate relationship with summer because with summer comes the mosquitoes, flies, humid nights, and sweaty fellow commuters.

But, what I love about summer is the memories you can make. I can not remember what I was doing during the winter of 2015 but I have countless memories from summer. I can remember the great water balloon war of summer 1989. It was a war because the kids in my neighborhood had the largest water balloon fight I have ever seen in my life. The kids used our entire neighborhood as if it was their own personal battlefield. I remember even my mother got in on the action by dumping an entire bucket of water on unsuspecting kids as they tried to use our front lawn’s bushes as a hiding spot. Miss ‘‘Gail’’ was crowned the coolest mom EVER that summer.

I smile to myself as I reflect on all my summer memories that I can recall so vividly. From the beach to the family reunions, laying by the pool, neighborhood block parties, the impromptu BBQs, vacation weekends, OH, dear Summer, how I love you – just not with the mosquitoes!

I’m happy to share summer with you in this sizzling issue. It is our first double issue so it’s jam-packed with all of your summer essentials, great recipes, sexy swimwear, your festival guide and much more! After this issue, you may need a staycation! 😉

– KeKe Simót